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Categories Title Document Identifier Version State
AR Automation Project Configuration AR APC V 1.1.0 Oct 2018
AR Provisioning for MES and ERP Support for IEC 62264 and B2MML AR MES ERP V 1.1.0 Nov 2018
BPR Constraints with regular expressions in AutomationML BPR CstrRegExp V 1.0.0 Oct 2014
BPR ExternalDataReference BPR EDRef V 1.0.0 Jul 2016
BPR Modelling of List Attributes in AutomationML BPR MLA V 1.0.0 Jan 2016
BPR Multilingual Expressions in AutomationML BPR MlingExp V 1.0.0 Mar 2017
BPR Naming of related Documents and their Versions BPR RefVersion V 1.0.0 Dec 2016
BPR DataVariable BPR DatVar V 1.0.0 May 2017
BPR AutomationML Container BPR Container V 1.0.0 October 2017
BPR Reference Designation BPR RefDes V 1.0.0 September 2017
BPR Units in AutomationML BPR Units V 1.0.0 August 2018
Whitepaper AutomationML and eCl@ss integration WP eClassAML V 1.0.1 Dec 2017
Whitepaper Communication WP Comm V 1.0.0 Sep 2014
Whitepaper OPC Unified Architecture Information Model for AutomationML WP OPCUAAML V 1.0.0 Mar 2016
Whitepaper Part 1 - Architecture and general requirements WP Arch V 2.1.0 Jul 2018
Whitepaper Part 2 - Role class libraries WP Lib V 2.0.0 Oct 2014
Whitepaper Part 3 - Geometry and Kinematics WP Geo V 2.0.0 Jan 2017
Whitepaper Part 4 - AutomationML Logic Description WP Logic V 1.5.0 Jan 2017

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